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Lunch any kind of meat served over rice $13: Shrimp14,

Seafood or Duck $15

Dinner any kind of meat & Shrimp $17; Seafood $18 Duck $20       

 All Served with Jasmine rice **add fried egg $1.50


Crispy Hot Basil Duck $25

Half of crispy duck with onion, pepper and Thai basil sauce.


Kra Pow 

Your choice of ground chicken, ground pork, with spicy Thai basil sauce.


Thai Hot Basil 

Your choice of meat with onion, pepper with Thai basil sauce.


Kra Pow Moo Grob ( Thai Basil with Cripy Pork Belly) 

Crispy pork belly, onion, pepper with Thai basil sauce.


Crispy Hot Basil Chicken 

Crispy chicken, onion, pepper with Thai Basil sauce.


Chinese Broccoli with Crispy Pork Belly 

Stir fried with black soy bean and oyster sauce.


Khao Kla Moo (Braised Pork Shoulder on Rice)     /    L:$13 D:$17 

Braised pork shoulder in five spice with Chinese broccoli and hard-boiled egg.


Stir Fried Glass Noodle (Pad Woon Senn) 

Your Choice of meat stir fried with glass noodle, onion, broccoli, carrot, celery, napa, scallion and egg.


Stir Fried Yellow Curry (Pad Pong Karee)

Your choice of meat with onion, peppers, celery and egg in yellow curry.


Stir Fried Mixed Veggies (Pad Pakk Ruam Mitt) 

Broccoli, carrot, string bean, cabbage, zucchini with oyster sauce.


Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce ( Kana Num man Hoy)


Stir Fried Sweet & Sour Sauce (Pad Preaw Wann) 

Your choice of meat steamed or crispy with cucumber, onion, peppers, tomato and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce.


Thai Ground Pork Omelet ( Kai Jiew Moo Subb) $13

Three Eggs ground pork omelet fried served with sriracha sauce.


Ginger (Pad Khing) 

Choice of meat stri-fried with ginger, onion, scallion and fungus mushroom.


Garlic ( Kai Tod Ka Tiam Prik Tai)

Stir-fried chicken, onion, scallion, mushroom with garlic sauce.


Spicy Bamboo

Stir-fried choice of meat with bamboo shoot, pepper in spicy garlic sauce.



Stri-fried with choice of meat with broccoli and oyster sauce.


Cashew Nut Chicken

Stirred fried chicken with onion, pepper, water chestnuts, carrot and cashew nut with oyster sauce.


Pad Prik Khing

Stir-fried with choice of meat, string bean, peppers, with chili paste.


String Bean ( Pad Tour Kak)

Stir fried with choice of meat with string bean and oyster sauce.

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