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Choice of Chicken, Tofu, Veggie, Pork, Shrimp, Beef,



Tom Kar (Coconut soup)    /   $5

traditional coconut soup with the same aroma of tom yum soup. Your choice of shrimp, chicken, tofu or veggies.


Tofu Soup    /   $5

Steam tofu with napa, fungus mushroom and scallion-cilantro.


Crystal Soup (Kan Jued Woon Senn)    /   $5

Clear broth with ground chicken, glass noodle, carrot, fungus mushroom and scallion-cilantro.


Wonton Soup (Keaw Nam)   /  $5

Pork wonton and napa in clear broth with scallion-cilantro.


Rice Soup   /  $13

Ground chicken and rice cooked in seasoning chicken broth, celery,scallion, cilantro and poached egg.

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